Mr. David Engel

Meet Mr. David Engel

Mr Engel hails from the Land Down Under with more than a decade of teaching experience. He is from a family of scientists and has been working with science and animals since he was a young boy. Mr Engel brings his love of Science to the classroom where his courses come to life.  

What I do

I teach science to various grades in DACHS. I have also  introduced a new course, Zoology, to the high school. I am passionate about what I do and firmly committed to the development of every student.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I try to make every lesson come alive. I want my students to appreciate the brilliance in the world around them and recognize the amazing world that Hashem created. 

My favorite part about what I do

My favorite part about what I do is seeing the excitement in my students’ faces when they learn new things and discover just how complex and wonderful the world around them is through a scientific lense.

Parting Words

I am excited to have introduced Zoology to DACHS. It is so vast by nature that it is productive to investigate even one single branch. There is technology in nature that man has yet to invent. Open your eyes and you will see just how amazing this world is!