Mr. Christopher Polanski

Meet Mr. Christopher Polanski

Brimming with knowledge and passion, Mr. Polanski is on a mission; to enlighten students and teach them the intricacies of the world in a fun and easy to understand way. So determined to make education attainable for all, he personally sponsored the schooling of two students from disadvantaged families in Nepal and Bangladesh. His experience teaching Science spans over a dozen years and multiple continents. 

What I do

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Environmental Science, you name it, and I teach it – to high school boys, no less. I aim to make each lesson easy to understand and enjoyable, too.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

By providing students with simple explanations of facts as well as everyday life examples, I make it easy and fun to learn. Hopefully this turns my students into independent lifelong learners.

My favorite part about what I do

My mission is to teach  my students how the world around us works, but there is nothing more rewarding than having your students come back to visit when they are older and no longer need me to teach them.

Parting Words

I believe that it is very important to be compassionate and kind in life. That, in the long run, will benefit the receiver, and most importantly, the giver.