Mr. Barry Cohen

Meet Mr. Barry Cohen

Mr. Cohen loves helping students discover their passions. Whether it’s selling flowers, getting in touch with their inner gardener, or becoming a ‘fish whisperer’ (aka taking care of the three fish tanks in the media center), students know they always have a listening ear in their corner.

What I do

I have taught just about every subject at the Rohr Middle School. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also support teachers in technology use; administer the SATs; work on special projects; oversee eighth grade fundraising; and even ensure that all of our teachers are up to date on their credits for re-certification.

Oh, I drive the Hollywood Van, too.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

My approach is to think differently while always focusing on self-improvement. I transmit that to my students, helping them be the best that they can be, in their own unique way.

My favorite part about what I do

At RMS, we don’t just teach. We work on projects. Each student is a masterpiece-in-the-making and I enjoy seeing the finished product. Seeing graduates out in the world doing amazing things is the ultimate reward!

Parting Words

I’ve done many things to earn a living. I thought that teaching would be fun (correct) and easy (incorrect). Although it is the hardest career I’ve practiced thus far, it’s also the most rewarding.