Avrohom Eliezer Friedman

Meet «Friedman»

Determined and persistent with a wry sense of humor, Mr. Friedman keeps YTCTE’s technology online and running smoothly. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he approaches everything with an eye for detail and a standard for excellence.

What I do

I’m in charge of all things technology related at YTCTE. I keep things running smoothly, professionally and efficiently.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I’m a problem solver. The more complicated, the better. Sometimes that means coming up with solutions to problems that no one has even realized exist.

My favorite part about what I do

It’s been incredible to see how much YTCTE has grown over the years. Every day there are new opportunities for personal and professional growth. One of the best parts of what I do is watching all these great new ideas get implemented and then succeed on a level we never could have anticipated.

Parting Words

I went to YTCTE for Bais Medrash and loved it so much, I didn’t want to leave. So I didn’t! While I was still in Bais Medrash, I began asking for an opportunity to join the staff. When a small part-time job opened up, I grabbed it and have been here ever since.