Gala Event 2023

An Evening of Purpose Celebrating Chinuch on Purpose at Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes

At Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes, chinuch doesn’t just mean education. It means giving each child the skills they need, in the environment they need, surrounded by the people they need to shine. When a child comes home happy, it’s not an accident. When a child comes home brimming with knowledge, it’s no mistake. When a child comes home passionate about Yiddishkeit, it’s not a fluke. It’s chinuch on purpose at YTCTE.

On Monday, January 9, 2023, close to 650 parents, friends, and staff of YTCTE came together to celebrate 39 years of Torah growth in South Florida at its Annual Gala, Chinuch On Purpose. The evening’s focus was on the wonderful chinuch YTCTE provides each of its 1,300 talmidim and talmidos which does not happen by accident. At YTCTE, every dedicated Rebbe, Morah and teacher focuses on every child. From its principals to its office staff, from its classrooms to its playgrounds and everything in between, every moment of every day is all about Chinuch on Purpose at YTCTE.
This year’s Gala had added significance as the Yeshiva has taken on additional responsibilities by investing in its Rebbeim, Moros and teachers and upgrading the programming for its students. And the atmosphere in the room was a testament to the fact that the Yeshiva’s efforts and the dedication of its staff were understood, valued and appreciated. From the customized charger plates hand-decorated by the students, to the larger-than-life picture of chinuch in action at YTCTE, attendees felt that the impact of the chinuch they are proudly supporting was transferred into the ballroom of Jungle Island in what could only be described as an electrifying feeling of unity and inspiration.

The evening opened with alumnus and proud parent, Rabbi Eli Riesel serving as the Master of Ceremonies and Dr. Allan Jacob, President of the Board led the crowd in a perek of Tehillim. Chief Financial Officer, Rabbi Moshe Bernstein took a few moments to pay tribute to a dear friend and benefactor of YTCTE who passed away shortly before the Dinner, Rabbi Morris Esformes a”h, and is sorely missed. A video tribute in his memory, showing how much of a difference one man with vision and passion could accomplish, inspired the crowd, and Rabbi Mordechai Palgon, Rosh HaYeshiva followed with divrei chizuk. Two of the many dedicated YTCTE Rebbeim shared short stories highlighting the Chinuch on Purpose that goes on every day at the Yeshiva. Two special presentations were made as well. The first was a moving thank you from the new JEMS Academy (Jewish Education Made Special) for their partnership with the Yeshiva, and the second was a surprise thank you to the Roshei HaYeshiva, from the entire staff of YTCTE, for their leadership and guidance. The program concluded with closing remarks from PResident of the Board, Mr. Marcos Lapciuc.

Guests were then treated to a musical experience with Baruch Levine who was joined by 3 YTCTE student soloists as well as a heart-tugging original new music video aptly titled “Thank you for YTCTE.” Following the program, guests were invited to an elaborate viennese dessert, along with a concert and kumzitz with Baruch Levine, to cap off a truly beautiful night.
As many expressed, the Gala perfectly highlighted the dedicated Rabbeim, Moros, teachers, administrators and staff at YTCTE and the excellent chinuch they provide – on purpose. As the guests began to leave at the end of the night, they left with pride knowing that they are helping to make an impact on over 1,300 children, the true beneficiaries of their generosity. And it is an impact that will reverberate for generations. With purpose. For a purpose. On Purpose.
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