Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes celebrates 35 Years

On Sunday, January 13, over 500 parents and friends joined Yeshiva Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes at its Legacy of Excellence Gala celebrating 35 years of Torah education in South Florida. It was an inspiring and enjoyable evening at Jungle Island as attendees partook in a delectable dinner buffet, and had the opportunity to recognize the distinguished honorees for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Yeshiva and the community.

The program was led by the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Josh Levine, a proud alumnus and current parent commencing with a Dvar Torah from Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Y. Niman. It followed with the dedication of the Gala to the Yeshiva’s long-time friend and benefactor, Mr. Elliot Hahn a”h, whose legendary generosity and commitment have forever changed the landscape of Torah growth in South Florida. Though deeply missed, the impact he has made in YTCTE will stand as an everlasting testimony to his vision and serve as an eternal merit for his neshama.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Robin Andisman a couple legendary for their gemilas chasadim and dedication to the Yeshiva and their community were presented with the Amud HaChesed Award. The Andismans proudly have an ever-growing fan club of YTCTE students who fondly call them “Auntie Robin and Uncle Joe.” Despite impressive professional careers, they are constantly involved in numerous chesed projects and are active and well-liked members of the Hollywood community. Their newest project is the Jeanette Levine Bridal Gemach dedicated in memory of Mrs. Jeanette Levine a”h. The Andismans’ sincerity and enthusiasm are contagious and serve as a catalyst for others to follow their lead. As pillars of their community, and strong supporters of the Yeshiva, they are truly deserving recipients of the Amud HaChesed Award.

After the YTCTE (Yeshiva school South Florida) feature video presentation, the Rosh HaYeshiva and his Rebbitzen, Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai and Esti Palgon were recognized as Guests of Honor for their selfless dedication to the Yeshiva. YTCTE’s tremendous growth to almost 1,000 students, and its nationwide recognition as a Torah institution of the highest caliber, are testament to Rabbi Palgon’s commitment and his experience as a renowned expert in chinuch matters. Mrs. Palgon, the true personification of an ezer k’negdo, stands alongside her husband, assisting him and the Yeshiva in every way. As a teacher in YTCTE for 23 years, she has taught and influenced hundreds of our children. The South Florida Community is fortunate to have such special role models dedicated to the sacred task of imparting Torah knowledge and values to generations of talmidim and talmidos. It was a privilege to express the Yeshiva’s immense gratitude to Rabbi and Mrs. Palgon for their 25 years of chinuch leadership.

During the program, Mr. Jonathan Chames, also an alumnus and current parent, spoke about the privilege of witnessing the explosive growth of the Yeshiva over the past few years. He reminded the audience that with that growth comes tremendous financial obligations and asked the crowd to help the Yeshiva meet its financial obligations by participating in a Matching Campaign where friends of the Yeshiva generously offered to match all pledges, up to $200,000, at the Gala.

The beautiful evening concluded with a lavish viennese table enjoyed by all. However, the biggest enjoyment was the knowledge that all those who participated in the Legacy of Excellence Gala for  , had the zechus of helping secure the future by enabling YTCTE ( Top Yeshiva Elementary Miami)  to continue to provide an excellent Torah and secular education to its 975 students. What a beautiful display of kavod haTorah.

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