Women’s Day of Learning at YTCTE

Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes hosted its second Women’s Day of Learning this past Tuesday, May 21. Titled, Lessons of Lag Ba’omer: Sensitivity in our Relationships, the day of learning attracted mothers and grandmothers who took the time out of their busy day to participate and gain from this important topic. Numerous others who could not attend participated via live stream and the video recording.

Once again, the morning began with a panel discussion led by Rabbi Mordechai Palgon, Rosh HaYeshiva; Rabbi Ephraim Palgon, South Campus Head of School and Rohr Middle School Principal; and Rabbi Kalman Baumann, Klurman Elementary School Principal. These expert mechanchim answered a wide range of questions that were submitted in advance as well as questions raised during the session. Topics included self-esteem concerns, how to say no, support services for students, as well as the dangers of modern technology,

Following the panel discussion, Rabbi Yaakov Kier, Bais Medrash Maggid Shiur addressed the crowd with a powerful presentation on the topic of Sensitivities in Social Media. He was followed by noted educator, Mrs. Esther Anton who explained that our interactions between people, bein adam l’chevero,  are an important part of our avodas Hashem. After a delicious lunch from Fresko, the women had the zechus to hear from Rabbi Gedalya Glatt who inspired the audience as he discussed the importance of the Torah requirements of proper kavod to others. The day concluded with an address by Rabbi Yaakov Moskowitz, a popular Rohr Middle School Rebbe and YTCTE (Jewish School near Hollywood FL) Director of Adult Education. He discussed sensitivities in relationships, what the Torah expects of us and tips to succeed in this important area.

The women left inspired and empowered to implement the many thoughts and ideas on this important topic of sensitivity into their daily lives as spouses, parents and friends.

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