Rabbi Amar’s YTCTE Visit, In the News

On Friday, January 17, There was a high level of excitement and anticipation at Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes Of North Miami Beach as its two campuses prepared for the historic visit of Harav Shlomo Amar, Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Yerushalayim. Thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Yosef Galimidi of the Safra Synagogue, as well as YTCTE parent and Board Member Mr. Ely Levy, YTCTE was privileged to be the school that was chosen to host Rav Amar and his entourage.Rav Amar, along with his extensive security detail, arrived at the yeshiva’s South Campus (Yeshiva High School of South Florida), where he was welcomed by the Rohr Middle School and Klurman Elementary Schoolboys in gardens 5-8. Rav Amar greeted each talmid warmly shaking their hands, as beautiful singing led by Rabbi Yossi Raful, a chazzan of Safra Synagogue, with the yeshiva’s own Sephardic Rebbeim, Rabbi Ary Roffe and Rabbi Yaacov Laredo, filled the room. Rav amar addressed the boys in Hebrew as Rabbi Galimidi translated, reminding them how special they are and how important their Torah learning is, not only for them but for the entire world. Rav Amar was then escorted through the campus as all the kindergarten and elementary school students lined up along the path to show their respect and receive special brachos. It was truly unique and inspiring experience for all the students. Rav Amar expressed how impressed he was with the visit and the yeshivah’s talmidim and talmidos.

Following the South Campus (Jewish School in South Florida) visit, Rav Amar and his entourage made their way to the yeshiva’s Klurman Campus to meet the Dr. Abe Chames High School and Bais Medrash Zichron Ezra talmidim. Once again after the yeshiva welcomed him with joyous singing, Rav Amar, in his warm way, personally greeted each talmid and gave them brachos. The Rav then gave a stirring speech to the talmidim in which he expressed how amazed and proud he was to see such a beautiful sight of a flourishing yeshiva, teaching Sephardim and Ashkenazim side by side in unison.

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