Look What’s NEW at Rohr Middle School

Meet our new faculty members

»  Rabbi Shmuel Stein is joining our team of esteemed faculty as our newest seventh grade Rebbe. Rabbi Stein needs no introduction for those who know him from his crucial role and shiurim shared at the Miami Beach kollel. He is also a master and expert at teaching kriah skills to children of all ages. He brings his many talents, enthusiasm for Torah learning and unrelenting passion to help all talmidim in his classroom.

»  Rabbi Peretz Goldenberg, whose credentials include a masters degree in Education, is a certified Science Teacher for the State of Florida. Rabbi Goldenberg will be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science with a focus on hands-on learning and real life application.

»  Mrs. Deana Shuker, the highly regarded fifth grade teacher at KES, will be joining RMS to teach World History to our sixth graders. Mrs. Shuker is passionate about history and integrating comprehension and writing skills into all that she does. She is so excited to be able to continue teaching many of her “former” students.

»  Mr. Michael Bailie comes to us from the public school system, where he was a full-time English Language Arts teacher in both high school and middle school. He will be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English Language Arts. Additionally, a not so well kept secret is that Mr. Bailie is also a former professional soccer player. Having Mr. Bailie on our team is a big score for the Rohr Middle School!

»  Ms. Lauren Feldman is a seasoned learning specialist whose passion for helping all types of learners succeed is infectious. Ms. Feldman will be teaching English Language Arts to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders as well as American History in eighth grade. She will also be partnering with the entire team to raise the level of achievement for every student.

»  Ms. Krystle Browne joins us from public school where she taught middle school English Language Arts while integrating history into her reading and writing curriculum. Ms. Browne is currently working on her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. At the Rohr Middle School Ms. Browne will be teaching 7th and 8th grade American History and one 6th grade English Language Arts class.

»  Rabbi Yosef Polinsky joined the middle school staff on a temporary basis last year as he filled in as a substitute teacher. Rabbi Polinsky’s care and interest in the needs of middle school boys resulted in his full time employment as a permanent sub for the General Studies department. Rabbi Polinsky, a certified personal trainer, will be offering opportunities for students to increase their fitness and overall well being.

»  Mrs. Baila Mann is a highly regarded therapist who specializes in working with young adolescents who would benefit from coaching in the areas of organization and executive functioning (i.e. getting things done). Mrs. Mann will also be available each day to meet with Rebbeim and Teachers to provide them with coaching tips that will help their talmidim and students function more effectively in their classrooms.

Expanded Science program

»  Expanded Science program at RMS with most classes in all grades now being offered Science four days a week. This year the sixth grade will be learning about the Fundamentals of Life Science. Seventh and eighth grades will be studying Anatomy and Physiology. We are looking forward to the many projects and experiments the boys will be doing to better understand and master the material.

Extended Learning Option for All

»  We are so proud to announce that the option of extended learning is now available for talmidim in all classes. Rabbi Weiner is excited to teach all sixth graders who sign up for the Sunday/Tuesday extended learning option. Rabbi Fried will be giving the class for all seventh graders and Rabbi Mandel will be giving the shiur for all eighth graders. Boys can sign up by returning the sign-up sheet to the office along with a parent signature. Thursday Mishmar is a separate learning option where each student learns with his Rebbe for “Mishmar.”


»  Orchestra

»  Hands on Halacha

»  8th grade basketball team

»  Kung Fu

»  Art

»  Robotics

»  Debate

…and many more!


»  Additional transportation to meet the needs of our students coming from the North and South


»  Unprecedented growth with a student body that exceeds 150 students!

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