Lice Check

Lice Check Information

We will conduct a check at school for all Elementary and Early Childhood students tomorrow, Friday, August 23rd from 9:00 -1:00 and on Monday, August 26th from 9:00 – 1:00 on the YTCTE South Campus.

The check will take place in the auditorium building, in the rear hallway. Access door is towards the back of the carpool line. follow the signs in the parking lot to the correct entrance door, by the admission office.

Please bring your child(ren) with clean, dry hair. We ask that you show consideration by not coming at the last minute.

As you know the teachers are working diligently to set up the classrooms and prepare for the start of a wonderful school year. Please be respectful of this time, and do not disturb the Morahs/teachers during lice check. They look forward to meeting you and welcoming your children into their classrooms at EECC orientation or, for KES, on the first day of school.

Remember to report to the desk before leaving lice check to be marked as lice free on the master list and be cleared for the first day of school.

For those living further from the school, for whom it might be difficult to come to school, we have arranged for the following to conduct official checks at their homes, as noted below. Please be respectful of their time.

Mrs. Gitty Levine- 4920 North 36 Court
Sunday, August 25 10:30AM-12:30PM
Mrs. Reena Zisquit – 4105 North 50 Avenue
Monday, August 26 8:30-10:30 AM

Mrs. Rochel Niman – 4595 Nautilus Court
Thursday, August 22 – Tuesday, August 27
Text for availability 305.788.3607

Mrs. Yael Summer- 4575 Adams Ave
Thursday, Aug 23 – Tuesday, Aug 28
Call for availability 845.598.6240

Mrs. Naomi White – 4316 Nautilus Drive
Thursday, August 22 and Monday –Tuesday August 26-27 7:00-7:30
Friday, August 23 after 2 PM
Sunday, August 25th call or text for availability

If you run into a problem, please call the school office, 305-947-6000.
Anyone without clearance on August 28th will be checked in school at a charge of $10 per child. Thank you for ensuring a nit free environment for our children. Your cooperation in getting your child(ren) checked will ensure a pleasant first day in school for your child and will be beneficial to all.
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