Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayeegash 5778

Dear Parents,

At the very beginning of this week’s Parsha, Chazal tell us that Yehuda’s words were effective in swaying Yosef because they were like “golden apples on a silver tray, “ (Mishlei 25:11), meaning Yehuda’s manner of speech and articulation, in addition to the content of his speech carried the day. Yehuda spoke masterfully, with a quality of diction and vocabulary, measured cadence and an artful delivery. The same message delivered in a less palatable way, would not have penetrated Yosef’s heart, despite his being a Tzadik, who did not need external embellishments to understand and accept an important message of truth.

We all have access to messages about how to parent, how to get along with each other and how to relate to Hashem. How often do those messages penetrate into our inner essence? We have, Baruch Hashem, in two weeks’ time, the opportunity to hear these messages from a master teacher and Talmid Chochom, Rabbi Noach Orlowek, shlita. Rabbi Orlowek will be our guest for our Scholar-in-Residence Program from Jan. 3 -6.

Those of you who have had the good fortune to hear Rabbi Orlowek speak in the past, or received his wise counsel personally, know that he has unusual insight into people in general, and today’s children in particular. His words have both content and context and will help us discover paths and approaches for ourselves and our families that can provide real help to us in confronting many of life’s vexing challenges.

I urge you to examine the brochure with information about the five public occasions at which Rabbi Orlowek will be speaking. I further urge you to join us for Shabbos Parashas Shemos in North Miami Beach, as the extended YTCTE family will gather for a Shabbos of inspiration and growth.

The events are enumerated in the brochure, and include a community lunch at our Klurman Campus on Shabbos day. Hospitality for Shabbos is available for those from outside North Miami Beach. Further details are available from [email protected]. Registration for Shabbos day babysitting and reservations for Shabbos Lunch are available at

In the age of the sound bite, and 140 character messages, it’s important for us to take the time and apply our powers of concentration to listen to the development of solid Torah guidance and ideas in the all-important areas of parenting, relationships and our connection to Hashem.Circle the dates on your calendar now, line up your babysitters and prepare for insight and inspiration!

Best wishes for a wonderful Shabbos,

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