KES Summer Review

Limudei Kodesh Review

With the challenges our students faced this past year, the need to maintain at least a minimal daily routine of review becomes even more important to your child’s future success in learning. By utilizing this program, your child will, IY”H, with a minimum of effort, retain the wealth of basic Chumash and Hebrew language skills that he or she has mastered over the past year. 

In addition to the skills work included in the links below, review of the actual Pesukim covered in Chumash would be beneficial.

Incentives to encourage the children to participate and complete the program will be announced before the start of summer!

Please avail yourselves of this golden opportunity. The enhancement to your child’s future learning through this program is inestimable.

Have a wonderful and productive summer!

Elementary Boys Limudei Kodesh

Secular Studies Review

Summer is a great opportunity for students to continue reading and to catch up on the reading they did not have time for during the school year.  It is also a time to make sure that students do not lose the literacy skills they gained throughout the previous school year.  In order to maintain these skills, please utilize the reading packets below. 

Please have your child complete reading at least one novel and the packet.  For first and second grade students, have your child complete the Reading Response after finishing the chapter book.  For third-fifth grade students, have your child write a summary of the novel with descriptive vocabulary and supporting details. 

Your child will receive a reward for completing the packet and submitting the web or summary. Reading opens many doors and being well-prepared for the next grade level, instills confidence.  Please have your child return the completed packet and web/summary to his/her new teacher, in August.

Here are some suggested websites for online reading practice: | | | | | |

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another successful year at YTCTE.  Have a wonderful summer with your family.