Below is the list of rules and guidelines put into place to enable our routes to run smoothly and keep your children safe. Please make sure to review them and discuss them with your children. As always, thank you for working with us. Looking forward to a successful year

Nechama Riesel
Director of Transportation

  1. Deposits are not refundable.
  2. Spots are prioritized for families in the zones we currently service. At this time we unfortunately cannot service families outside our current routes. If you do not live in these zones, you will be notified right away and placed on a waitlist. If it is determined, at a later date, that we can accommodate you, we will be in touch once registration closes and routes are set up. 
  3. Door to door service is not a guarantee. Routes are created to start as late as possible while still getting the children to school on time. As our Yeshiva grows, and the routes get longer, we often need to rework routes each year, combining and moving stops as needed.
  4. Children are expected to be outside, waiting at their stop, FIVE minutes prior to their pickup time. After the first week of school, and families and drivers have a chance to adjust to a new schedule, the bus will not wait for children who are not outside waiting at the stop.
  5. If your child will not be riding the bus home, please email [email protected] or call ext 237 AND call/email the correct division. EECC – 410, KES girls – 400, KES boys – 309 or 100, RMS – 300, DACHS – 200
  6. Transportation emails are not monitored on Sundays – for any changes please call your child’s office. 
  7. In case of an emergency, please CALL Mrs. Nechama Riesel at 305-890-4571. Our monitors are focused on the route running smoothly and the safety of the children and should not be contacted directly. 
  8. With the exception of water, there is absolutely no eating or drinking on the bus/van. Any other drinks or food, even in covered cups, will be thrown out.
  9. No physical contact of any kind is allowed on the bus. Any child who uses their hands or feet in any manner that violates this policy will be automatically suspended from the bus for 24 hours for a first offense.
  10. If a student needs to be removed from the bus due to a behavioral infraction, the 1st time  will be for 24 hours, the  2nd time for 1 week, and the 3rd time will lead to permanent removal.
  11. Children may only get on and off the bus at designated stops. If parents are flagging down or cutting off the bus, their children will no longer be allowed to ride the bus.
  12. Students may only ride on their assigned bus/van 
  13. We can not accommodate friends riding along with students signed up for bus/van service
  14. DACHS and RMS boys may not ride the KES buses
  15. KES students may not ride DACHS/RMS vans