Yeshiva uniforms must be worn every day.  

Uniform pieces are available from the Yeshiva’s Uniform Company, Clothes ‘n Bows, located across the street from the Yeshiva at 1121 NE 163rd Street   305-947-9646

You may text, whatsapp, or call Mrs. Rubin at 954-802-0284 to make arrangements.



On official uniform days, which include the first day of Yeshiva, Rosh Chodesh, trip days and other special occasions:



Shirt:  white collared  3 button polo shirt, with the Yeshiva logo, only  available from the uniform company.

Pants: Navy (semi formal) uniform slacks, only available from the uniform company.  No cords, jeans, tiros, cargo, sweat, racing, joggers or short pants  or other varieties. (Pants that are faded, have holes or visible patches are not acceptable.)

Tzitzis:  must be worn at all times

Socks: must be worn at all times and reach above the ankle

Hair: should be cut so as not to reach the shirt collar and be neatly combed.

Necklaces: may not be worn

Shoes:  No crocs or wheelies.



Tops: white collared 3 button long-sleeved polo shirt with the Yeshiva logo only available from the uniform company.

Bottoms:  Plaid ‘black watch’ knife pleat jumper or knife pleat skirt available only from the uniform company.

All skirts must be mid-calf length

Socks:  Navy knee socks, pulled up at all times.

Shoes:  No crocs or wheelies..


For everyone (on all days) – Sweatshirts/Sweaters:  the Official Uniform Sweater Zip Up with the Yeshiva logo only available from the uniform company

On very cold days heavier winter sweaters or jackets may be worn when outside, but not in the classroom.


On all other days the rules are the same with the following few exceptions:



Shirts may be solid white, light blue, hunter green or navy, with a collar and at least 2 buttons. The Yeshiva logo/monogram is not required. No other logos are acceptable

Pants may be navy or black semi formal slacks. None of the alternative style trousers are acceptable



Tops may be solid white, light blue, hunter green or navy with a collar and at least 2 buttons.The Yeshiva logo/monogram is not required. No ruffles, bows, other logos or other decorations are acceptable.

Grades 1-2 may have short sleeves provided they cover more than halfway to the elbow.

Grades 3-5 must have sleeves covering their elbows

Bottoms the knife pleat jumper or skirt may be the uniform plaid or navy available only from the uniform company.

Socks: colored socks are acceptable.  No logos or words.

Grades 1-2 on non official uniform days may wear short socks that reach above the ankle.

Sport socks or no-show socks worn inside the shoe and barely visible are unacceptable.

Grade 3-5 need to wear knee socks, pulled up, on all days.

Leggings may only be worn if not visible below the skirt, with socks pulled up over them.


Special notes:

1. Please contact the uniform company as soon as possible to order your uniform pieces so they can supply all the uniforms before Yeshiva starts.  When ordering in advance, they take into account growth spurts and they allow exchange if the size ordered no longer fits.

2. Please be aware that other stores may sell what they call uniform pieces that do not meet our uniform requirements.  They are not acceptable,

3.  Mrs. Esta Rosenberg has many uniforms in the Uniform Gemach located in her home, which are available to anyone who would like to take advantage.  She can be reached at 786-390-2767.

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