Dear Parents,

As we rapidly approach the new school year, we are filled with hopes, anticipation, and excitement regarding the upcoming school year.

One of the factors that is on many parents’ minds is the class placement of their child. The questions of “Who will be in my child’s class?” and “Who will my child’s teacher be?” are very much in our thoughts. We are invested in our children’s future and these variables are significant.

We want what is best for our children. We would like them placed with their close friends, with those who will be the greatest positive influence, and with the Rebbeim, Moros and teachers we heard would be a great match for our children.

The number of requests we received over the course of this summer for class placement were overwhelming. This is a testament to how invested you are in your children’s future. At the same time, it is becoming very clear to us that there are some requests we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate.

When we make the class splits, in addition to parent input we take into account social considerations, media sensitivity, academics, and teacher recommendations. Many hours are spent on these decisions.

This being said, we ask that you please trust the process that has been put in place and allow for the classes to settle. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make any changes until after Succos, and we ask you to please not bring up the discussion with your child’s teacher or the administration.

Wishing everyone a successful school year.

The KES and EECC Administration