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Our Divisions - Contact Information

Early Childhood Education

Office: 305-947-4007

Fax: 305-947-0052

Bais Medrash Zichron Ezra

Office: 305-944-5344

Fax: 305-947-5021

Klurman Elementary School

Office: 305-947-6000

Fax: 305-947-0052

Dr. Abe Chames High School

Office: 305-944-5344

Fax: 305-947-5021

Rohr Middle School

Office: 305-947-7779

Fax: 305-947-7221

Distance Learning IT Support

Administrative Office

Location: Klurman Campus

Office: 305-944-5344
Fax: 305-947-5021
Automated Info Line: 305-209-0495

Admission Office

Location: South Campus
Office: 305-947-9477
Fax: 305-489-0575

Financial Office

Location: Klurman Campus

Office: 305-944-5344 x2

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