High School Dorm


YTCTE’s thriving mesivta, the Dr. Abe Chames High School, not only services local talmidim from South Florida, it continues to attract serious Bnei Torah from across the country who are looking for a strong Yeshiva that has a warm home-away-from-home atmosphere where they can grow and shteig.


YTCTE’s robust dorm program offers the safety and security of a full-time experienced mashgiach, Rabbi Yosef Deitsch, dorm counselors, as well as older Bais Medrash bochurim who serve as mashpiim, mentoring and guiding the high school talmidim. This ensures that each talmid’s needs are met and that the dorm provides quality care and supervision.


The Yeshiva’s state-of-the-art dormitory features a common room that boasts of a pool table, ping-pong table, musical instruments, seforim and books. Its spacious grounds are complete with an outdoor grill, hammocks, a fishing dock and comfortable patio furniture where talmidim can relax after a long day in the beautiful sunny Florida weather all year long, even in the winter!


YTCTE is proud to offer our talmidim a rigorous limudei kodesh program combined with a comprehensive secular education. However,  it doesn’t end there. The Yeshiva’s exciting extra-curricular programming provides dorm students with fun activities and healthy outlets during their spare time. Whether it’s their Sunday afternoon trips, the weekly excursions to Walmart and other stores, Friday night Onegs, special learning sedarim with the Bais Medrash bachurim, Motzai Shabbos sports leagues, or any of the other many programs, the talmidim in the dorm are well taken care of and enjoy their time in Yeshiva, both in and out of the classroom.