The Packing Challenge

What Your Kids Need to Bring When Going to Yeshiva out of Town

Sending a child to Yeshiva out of town is never easy. Parents, who naturally worry about their children, now have the added fear of their precious child living elsewhere, often far away. Indeed, when it comes to your own children, out of sight is certainly not out of mind. Yet with all that comes along with sending a child to school out of town, one of the most confusing steps, after the decision is made is, “What does my child need to pack when he goes to Yeshiva out of town?”

Much like sleepaway camp, when a child, at any age, goes away to Yeshiva, he must pack the full range of clothing. This includes clothes that meet the Yeshiva’s dress code for class, as well as more comfortable wear for sports and other activities, pajamas, and Shabbos clothes. Of course, based on the Yeshiva’s location out of town, you would need to bring weather-appropriate clothing and, where necessary, outerwear. If your child is fortunate to attend a Yeshiva in Miami, then you get the bonus of the all-year sun for which South Florida is so famous. In such a case no coats, jackets or boots are even necessary. Simply send your child with a light sweater and of course a raincoat.

Some Yeshivos may require linen. And of course, personal toiletries are needed as well. Some students, particularly those who are the  “Early to bed” type may choose to bring earplugs or eye masks to help them sleep when their roommates are far from ready to call it a day. Many students like to bring books, games or music (in permissible electronic devices) to help pass the time after class as well as snacks and drinks to keep in their dorm. Of course, older boys will want a credit or debit card to use when needed as they often are miles away from their parents.

While it may seem like a daunting task to help pack a child up for Yeshiva and send him out of town, don’t let it become overwhelming. It is important to remember that he is going to a Yeshiva that cares about him and his well being, and they will most likely have Rebbeim or Dorm Counselors ready and available to help each student settle into Yeshiva, their home away from home, and get him anything he may have left behind. Or course, for the mom or dad who still feels too far away, there is always Amazon Prime that can ship almost anything to even the most remote out-of-town Yeshivos!