A Sunny Summer Schedule

Summer is approaching, and even though the Yeshiva schools in Miami extend past the public schools, the end is drawing near. Lurking on the minds of every parent is the question of how to keep their children occupied, in a productive way during those long, hot summer days. After a year of learning and growth in a private Jewish day school, how can the success carry into the summer? Are there good options throughout South Florida or must children go out of town?

Over the past few years, the Jewish communities in Miami, Hollywood, Boca Raton and the surrounding towns have exploded as more and more families are choosing to raise their children in sunny Florida and take advantage of the top private Yeshiva day schools in the area. Klurman Elementary School, a division of Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes, and one of the premier Yeshiva Elementary schools near Miami Beach has rapidly expanded to keep up with this growth. People seeking a top-notch, yet warm, Jewish preschool already join YTCTE when their children are just 3 years old. 

 However, YTCTE recognized that their responsibilities do not end in June. A number of years ago,YTCTE, one of the largest and fastest growing private Jewish Yeshivas in South Florida, expanded its Day Camp which now runs for 7 weeks in the summer and services children in preschool through elementary school. In addition, the camp employs responsible high school students, giving them an opportunity to use their summer vacation to become leaders and mentors. This popular camp has swimming, weekly trips and numerous fun activities for the campers and counselors. YTCTE also prepares very comprehensive summer review programs which they encourage the students to complete over the summer to earn special prizes (and no, it is not called homework).

When the children come home from camp, hot and sweaty, there are still a number of hours to take advantage of the sunlight. Many families in Miami, Hollywood, etc have private swimming pools which provide a great way to cool off and a fun activity for family and friends. Local block baseball and basketball games are organized, and you can almost always see children riding their bikes, scooters, and of course the popular hoverboards while the moms pray it doesn’t rain. For middle and high school students, the Yeshivas and community Kollels organize learning programs in the evenings and weekends to encourage continued growth and ensure that students continue to learn and advance over the long summer break. 

Jewish education is not just a 10 month program. Jewish high schools, elementary schools and even preschools in South Florida care about their students’ growth and development throughout the 12 months of the year, and the top Yeshivas do something about it! So, while your child is enjoying a refreshing cup of lemonade or an ice pop to cool off, take out that summer review packet and encourage them to learn a little bit each day. This keeps them at grade level and productively occupies them, too. It’s a win-win for all!